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05 Feb 2015 11:30 AM • Byron's Southend, 101 W. Worthington Avenue, Suite 110 Charlotte, NC 28203

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Impacts of ASHRAE Standards on Waterside Design

This presentation will include an overview of the History of ASHRAE 90.1.  We will also discuss the changes in Standards 90.1 and 189.1 that you are already seeing or will see soon.  

 Presented by:

Chris Edmondson from James M. Pleasants Co.

Chris Edmondson received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University in 1967.  During the summers, he worked at Barber Coleman and Jay Johnson Controls.  After graduation, he spent four and a half years as a salesman with the Trane Company.  In 1971, he came to work for the James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. (Manufacturer’s Representative for the ITT Fluid Handling Division).  He worked as an outside salesman until 1978, when he was promoted to Vice President and Sales Manager until 1987.  Since 1987 to the present time, he has served as President of the James M. Pleasants Company, Inc.

Mr. Edmondson has served many years in the ASHRAE organization, holding positions such as Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President and President of the North Piedmont Chapter.  For the fiscal year, 1985-86, he received the Rudy Ferguson Memorial Award (Presidential Award of Excellence).  In 1985, he became a technical speaker to various ASHRAE chapters and continued through 1989.  He spoke at the ASHRAE Region VII CRC in 1992 and also at the Birmingham Region VII CRC.  He also held the position of Educational Activities Vice Chair for Region IV from 1992-1994.  In 1994, he was the Chapter Programs Chair for Region IV.  In 1998-2000, he was Region IV ARC.  He is currently Region IV DRC.

During 1980-1990, he has presented papers to various engineers on the following subjects:

·        Basic Primary/Secondary Variable Volume Pumping

·        Chiller Piping

·        Air Control

·        Plumbing Piping Systems

His principal areas of interest are energy savings, primary/secondary variable volume systems, heat transfer, hydronic systems, plumbing piping systems and control chilled water plant design.


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